Eco del Mare
  • Listen to just one tune

    Listen to just one tune

    The echo of the sea

Natural chic
An environment decorated and inspired by natur, where taste, natural colours, local flowers and plants are made central. We ensure its respect and preservation by employing alternative energies and recycling wastes in accordance with the standards of Bandiera Blu certification for water quality. Come and Be part of nature, to discover or maybe rediscover what speaks to us most and fills us with its lushness and energy. A place where essential elements meet: water, earth, air and fire. Following the imaginary steps of Byron and Shelley, the interior decoration features unique pieces by young Italian and international artists, allowing them to present their work to clients in search for timeless values.
Eco del Mare
A story of passion
A passion that comes from afar,
over the Swiss Alps, more than fifty years ago.
  • The daring initiative of Fran├žois Mozer is set in the Fifties, when the inquisitive and sea-passionate Swissman decides, together with his wife Nicoletta, to transform a sheer and inaccessible cliff into a place of rest and pleasure. With the highest respect for nature, they built beach cabins, kitchen facilities and even integrated an elevator for an easier access to the bay. They created a beach club, which became, legendary and particularly appreciated by the guests for its privacy and the quality of its services; its success has been widely reported in national and international magazines and newspapers.

  • In 2009 Eco del Mare sees a complete restyling following the vision of their daughter, Francesca Mozer, who grew up with the same passion in her veins and is gifted with incredible imagination and enthusiasm. She transforms the Beach Club into a more intimate place to offer the guests more privacy. She adds an exclusive hotel with only six rooms, all with sea view. She opens a restaurant for which she selects the best chefs and starts the organisation of outstanding and bespoke events.

  • "Time went by and I grew-up with Eco del Mare, scampering between the beach umbrellas, cuddled by guests and friends, and with my parents' big dream to realize: Eco del Mare Night & Day Beach Club”

    F. Mozer